Student Profile - Brian Butt

online IT degree student WGU may be the perfect fit for adult learners, but even our students can be kids at heart.

Take Brian Butt, a student from Riverton, Utah, earning his IT degree online at WGU. He lives playing video games and making things explode.

More precisely, Brian is a pyrotechnician, and even when he takes vacation, he spends it working on large fireworks shows.

Meanwhile, the grown-up side of Brian is thriving in his WGU IT courses, with plans to go on and earn a Master’s in Information Security and Assurance from WGU and launch a career in IT.

“I love that the classes are competency-based so that when I’m ready to take the test, I take it,” he said. “I love how that means I go at my pace and not the pace that a professor who doesn’t know me sets.”

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