Student Profile: Rachel Dawn Pozworski

online university student Rachel PozworskiOnce upon a time, Rachel Dawn Pozworski thought a bachelor’s degree was out of the question.

Today, she’s got her sights set on a master’s degree.

Rachel, who lives in Sterling, Ohio, credits finding WGU’s IT degree programs as the impetus for her new outlook: A university degree is, indeed, for her. Scratch that: Two university degrees are for her!

Rachel is about two-thirds of her way to earning her bachelor’s degree in Information Technology – Network Design & Management. Ask her what’s next and her answer is more school.

"Currently my plans are to continue my education to earn a master’s degree, something I never even fathomed prior to WGU," she says.

Rachel is a wife and the busy mother of three boys, ages 8-15. She’s the outdoorsy type, spending as much time outside with her husband and sons as possible. She loves to bike, hike, and take photographs. When she’s inside, she enjoys scrapbooking..

That is, when she’s not hard at work studying.

“I am very proud to be a WGU student because I think it is such an excellent school that has limitless possibilities,” she says, “helping so many people like me who thought that earning a degree was an impossibility.”

But while she sees her education as critically important to herself and touts WGU as an essential opportunity to so many other would-be students nationwide, at the heart of her educational goals are those six young, impressionable eyes watching Mom commit herself to goals that once seemed beyond her horizons.

“It is important to me to show my sons that education is important and there is always a way to achieve your dreams if you set your mind to it,” she says. “I want to make sure my sons know that their dreams are obtainable no matter what life throws in your direction. You may struggle to get there, but in the end they are obtainable and worth the effort.

Meet Rachel and other WGU students in the newest edition of the WGU Student Source electronic newsletter, which came out just this week.

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