Student-to-Student Advice: Set Specific Goals

online university, wgu teachers collegeWe've all heard it said time and again: "Set goals!" But sometimes a lack of goals isn't the problem; it's the vagueness of the goal that's an issue.

When an objective is not specific or personal enough to measure and track, it becomes useless. For instance, my goal is to graduate within four years of having enrolled at WGU – a laudable goal; however, there is so much wiggle room in that timeframe, it would be easy to get off track.

A more measurable goal would be striving to complete 15 Competency Units each term. That number is measurable, direct, and attainable. Not only that: It also would ensure I met the initial goal of graduating in four years.

This method can also be applied to study time and tasks. In the "Degree Progress" tab of MyWGU there are estimated dates to finish a given course by. To break these monthly deadlines down even further, we could set weekly or daily agendas. For example, "I will study every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for at least three hours."

When we frame our goals or aspirations into digestible sections, we are more likely to achieve them. I am in my third year at WGU and have found these techniques to be more useful than ever!

LaQueshia Jeffries is a WGU student working toward her bachelor's degree in social science in the WGU Teachers College.

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