#ThankATeacher and Win

She fixed your scraped knee after recess and helped you realize you love math.

He introduced you to your first favorite novel and didn’t give up on you through that period of wannabe class-clownery.

From earliest childhood on up, we’ve all had a number of teachers who have made major impressions on us, imparting their wisdom both academically and, often, as ad hoc life coaches.

This week—May 4–8—WGU joins the nation in celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week. Our award-winning Teachers College has produced thousands of excellent K–12 teachers, including more science and math teachers than any other American university in recent years, with thousands more students working hard toward their own teaching degrees.

We couldn’t be more proud of these Night Owls and their dedication to building the brilliant brains of the future. We also couldn’t be more grateful to the thousands and thousands of teachers who have prepared our 57,000-plus students in all four of our colleges, from pre-kindergarten through all their previous college experience.

We want to celebrate America’s teachers—and we want you to join us. (If you do, you can enter to win a $30 gift code to the WGU Online Store.)

To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us a story about your favorite teacher. What made him or her such a force for good in your life?

For an additional entry, just click here to send an @WGU #ThankATeacher tweet.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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