These IT Skills Will Help You Get Hired


A career in information technology requires a very specific skill set, yet, in a world where most people are at least minimally computer savvy, there are certain abilities that are more valuable to have than others. Aspiring IT professionals who plan on working in business will need to master these skills to get hired:

Big data analytics
A tech community buzzword, big data analytics are becoming increasingly central to the way that companies conduct business. Big data analytics is the process of examining a massive amount of data in great detail in order to find hidden patterns, correlations and other types of information that may prove to be useful. When done correctly, big data analytics can help companies make better business decisions. IT professionals will increasingly be relied upon to interpret the data being collected and to support the process with the appropriate tools and services.

Structured query language
IT professionals who wish to move into the world of programming will need to become well-versed in a host of different types of code, not the least of which is structured query language. Many businesses rely upon SQL to run the databases that work behind the scenes of their websites. This specialized programming languages is designed to edit and search through data that reside in relational database management systems, and is used by massive companies like Microsoft and Amazon.

Management of mobile devices
Gone are the days when business was conducted strictly on computers - today's professionals use everything from laptops to smartphones and tablets. The use of mobile devices can save companies money, but also presents an added challenge for IT professionals trying to maintain cyber security. Anyone hiring for an IT department will be looking for individuals who can manage a number of mobile devices effectively.

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