WGU Featured in Businessweek: “Online Education, With a Low-Cost Twist”

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WGU continues to get noticed by the national media. This week, WGU was profiled in depth by reporter Alison Damast in BusinessWeek.com.

Damast's report highlights military wife, mother, and WGU College of Business grad, Michelle Mills, who spent thousands of dollars and several years struggling to finish her degree as she and her family moved often were reassigned to posts all over the world. When she enrolled at WGU, she was able to complete her degree, studying from wherever her family was stationed, on her schedule, and at an affordable price.

In the article, Joni Finney, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education and director of the school's Institute for Research in Higher Education, recognizes WGU's growing notoriety: "It is gaining some credibility in higher education circles, and it really is one of the more affordable public institutions in the country."

Along with the WGU's flexibility, the article also notes that the WGU competency-based model for learning, combined with technology, is making an impact in higher education.

WGU is "the only institution I know of in the country in which technology has taken over education," says Louis Soares, director of post-secondary education programs at the Center for American Progress, a Washington (D.C.) think tank. "They have demonstrated how online education can be taken to scale—that is the key."

For the full article visit the WGU Newsroom.

Interested in WGU's College of Business? Visit www.wgu.edu for more information.

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