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This week, thanks is in the air! Your Facebook feed is likely filled with posts of gratitude and appreciation. You're preparing for time with family, friends, and loved ones to celebrate all you have—and to celebrate each other.

At WGU, we celebrate, appreciate, and heartily THANK YOU for the dedication, energy, and commitment you demonstrate day after day in your journey to earn an online bachelor's or master's degree.

And we are humbled by the messages of thanks we've received from you.

A thread on WGU's Facebook page recently called on students and alumni to complete the following phrase:

Thanks to my education…

Here are some of your inspiring (and, occasionally, tongue-in-cheek) responses:

Thanks to my education:

"I have had better career opportunities and have more self-confidence. I also have statistically increased my kids' chance of getting a better education." – Mindy

"I don't just have a job. I have a career I'm passionate about." – Kristen

"I can provide a better life for my children than I had and give them someone to look up to." – Jennifer

"I got a new job, in my new career. I'm able to make my kids proud of me. And now I'm able to go on and pursue my Doctorate of Health Admin." – Garnette

"I have many more options." – Nancy

"I will form the future." – Timothy

"I am able to assist in educating young children. They are our future!" – Gloria

"I will be able to get that teaching job I've been wanting." – Kathia

"I am engaging my brain in higher learning." – Heidi

"I am making a name for myself as a nurse researcher, and having my work published!" – Mary

"I get very little sleep. Hah!" – Angela

"I'll be able to do what I've always wanted to do: take care of my kids the way they deserve, and feel like I contribute to the world in some small way." – Amber

"I have a job that I truly look forward to every day and that gives me the flexibility I need to keep traveling all over the world. Plus, I got the fancy letters behind my name to start getting published. Thanks WGU!" – Kathleen

"I have a greater sense of pride and feel human again." – Umm

"I'm on my way to achieve my BSHI – a few months to go!" – Pete

"I am able to apply stakeholder analysis properly. Every. Single. Time." – Amar

"I am an expert at self-discipline and self-motivation!" – Crystal

"I don't have to work Black Friday retail!" – Tad

So what about you? What does an education give you that you're thankful for? Tell us in the comments below!

Happy Thanksgiving, from your friends at WGU!

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