WGU-Scholastic Prize Winner Shares the World with Her Students

Karen Sokorai grew up attending Philadelphia’s public schools, and now, as a teacher at an inner-city elementary school in the city, she’s giving back to the school system that brought her up.

“My passion in life is to travel, and I want to foster a love of reading in my students—although they cannot travel much now, they can transport themselves to any place in the world on the pages of a great book,” Karen says.

As one of 10 grand-prize winners in the WGU Loves Teachers sweepstakes, Karen will receive a $300 gift card and a Scholastic classroom library that will help her broaden her students’ literary horizons and expand their imaginations even more.

“I am committed to educating inner-city students because I want them to learn from my example that no matter where you start in life, it is up to you where the direction of your future goes,” she says.

She also plans to stock her classroom with magazines on news and current events, sports, geography and culture, science—anything that gives them the chance to read and learn about things relevant to their lives and the world they live in. And she hopes to buy a mini bookbinding machine to help the kids compile the “fractured fairytales” they write and illustrate in class.

“The students are very proud of their work, and the binding machine would allow the books to look more ‘published’ and ‘professional,’” Karen says.

Through the WGU Loves Teachers sweepstakes, WGU and Scholastic are awarding 10 $300 grand prizes and 100 $25 first prizes to thank teachers for their hard work and help them build up their classroom libraries and supplies.

Congratulations, Karen! Stay tuned to The Night Owl Blog for stories of more winners in the future.

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