WGU + StraighterLine: A Formula for Success

Online University Student

WGU is designed for flexibility and affordability—our goal is to help busy, nontraditional students earn a degree and move on with their lives, without the time and place limitations of a traditional university setting.

One way WGU helps you get through your degree program more quickly is through generous credit-transfer policies. And when we find institutions whose quality of education matches our rigorous standards, we form partnerships that make it even easier to transfer to WGU.

One such partnership is StraighterLine, an online, competency-based source of college credit that WGU has been working with since 2010.

WGU and StraighterLine share the same priority: pioneering better ways to use technology to make higher education more efficient, more affordable, and more relevant.

Our partnership means that students transferring credits from StraighterLine into a WGU bachelor's degree program enjoy a tuition discount, scholarship opportunities, and guaranteed credit transfer that can result in big savings—of money and time!

In fact, we often refer incoming students to StraighterLine when they need prerequisites or other college credit before enrolling at WGU.

So whether you're a StraighterLine student looking for your next step toward furthering your education, or you're a prospective WGU student looking for a flexible, affordable way to beef up your stock of transferrable credits before applying, be sure to learn more about how WGU and StraighterLine work together for your success.

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