Student Wins iPad Working on His Online Teachers Degree

online teaching degreeThis week, Seth Otteson of Riverton, Utah, became the second winner in our Facebook "Like" sweepstakes. Seth, an undergrad in the WGU Teachers College, is a married father with five kids who enjoys the flexibility of seeking an online teaching degree at WGU – and who will walk away with an iPad 2 just for being one of our 8,000-plus Facebook fans.

Seth joins Jessica Crawford of Warren, Pennsylvania, as a winner of the sweepstakes. Jessica won a Kindle when we reached 6,000 fans back in February. Up next: We'll be giving away a mystery prize, valued at more than $1,000, when we gain our 10,000th fan!

Congratulations to Seth, and thank you for sharing your WGU story with us:

What degree program are you in at WGU?

Bachelor of Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies (K-8)

Give us some background on who you are and your professional experience.

I have been in management positions since I was 18, mostly in the mortgage and transportation industries. The last four years I've owned my own promotional products business, which has been a great experience in preparing me for WGU and their self-paced program. It is something I will continue to do on the side even after I start teaching. Teaching really is my passion.

How did you find WGU and why did you select WGU?

I was referred by a local school district (Murray School District). I was looking at other online prospects and didn't even know about WGU. I'm glad I made that call. I didn't feel comfortable about the other options out there and felt very comfortable once I was talking with the staff at WGU.

What made you want to earn your degree at this point in your life?

I've always wanted to teach. Going back to school hadn't been in the cards over the years because life has gotten in the way with being married and having five kids.

What's the best thing about being a student at WGU?

 So far I've loved the options, processes, and mentorship WGU offers. The best part is that I can do it at my own pace and don't have to rely on others to hold me back from my potential.

What does earning your degree mean to you and/or your family?

Seeking my degree allows me to set an example to them to never give up on their dreams. Even schooling 20 years after high school is a great place to start that dream.

What are your career plans after you earn your degree?

I'd love to teach 6th grade or even 5th, and then get started on my master's degree and work on becoming a principal of an elementary school.

What gives you motivation every day to be the best you can be?

My wonderful wife and our five kids are my greatest motivation. Some days I may fall short and they still love me! They are the greatest! They keep me motivated to be the best I can be. They are great examples to me and I learn from them every day!

How do you balance your life and earning your degree online?

I've been balancing working from home and being a "Mr. Mom" in a sense for the last four years while I've been working on my own business and my wife has been working outside of the home. It has been a great experience to learn how to balance home life and work while running the household as much as I can while supporting my wife in her career as well. My schooling now is just meshing well with my schedule already in place.

What do you like the most about WGU?

The support WGU gives each student to succeed in their goals to become whatever they are looking to become. I'm most excited for the opportunity the programs give me to move as quickly through the schooling as I want. Having mentors who care and want the very best for us is also a great asset to our success.

What are your aspirations for the future?

I'd love to become a principal after a few years of teaching. I really want to be a support to the teachers, staff, parents, and, of course, students.

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