WGU Students’ Favorite Inspirational Videos

Quick! When we say the word "inspiration," what do you think of?

Everyone has something—a scene in a movie, a quote, the example of a loved one—that keeps them motivated, that they go to when they need a reminder to keep trudging forward. When they need inspiration.

Making your way through an online degree program can bring many of those times—times when even the most self-motivated, dedicated, independent learner needs a reminder of how important your goals are and just how much you’re capable of achieving. Students need inspiration, and WGU students know how to find it.

We recently asked the WGU Facebook fan community for their go-to source of inspiration, and as usual, we were not disappointed.

For many students, the people in their lives were the key to staying driven. For one, it’s a deaf and blind nephew with mild cerebral palsy whose strength and determination sets a strong example. For others, it’s their own children—the reminder that all this hard work now means a brighter future for those kids and the entire family. Still others look to the support of a spouse or partner, the light of knowledge in the students they teach, or the well-being of the patients they treat.

But as students at an online university, it makes sense that the majority of the students who responded found their inspiration somewhere on the web. There are websites like Tiny Buddha that were mentioned, resources chock-full of all kinds of multimedia ways to focus on what’s important and find success and happiness.

Of course, most popular of all were online videos. We’ve posted a handful of the videos below—videos that show you can find inspiration in many places. You can find inspiration from the words of world leaders and renowned poets, or from the strength of a cross-country runner who was never supposed to walk. You can find mental strength and power from an athlete’s example of physical determination and will.

You can find inspiration anywhere.

Where do you find it? Please leave some inspiration—and links—in the comments below.

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