WGU Teams Up with CareerBuilder: IT, Business Career Guides

At WGU, we're committed to helping nontraditional students earn their bachelor's and master's degrees so they can advance in their careers.

But that's not where our commitment to your career success ends. As any alum can attest, WGU provides a number of career-building resources that you can tap into from the time you enroll as a student through graduation and beyond—the Career and Professional Development Center, the Owls2Work Twitter feed, and the WiseCareers blog, just to make a few.

Now, we've teamed up with CareerBuilder, a leader in career advice and assistance, to offer two new tools.


The WGU–Career Builder Business Career Guide

The WGU Career Builder Business Career Guider

Learn about the diverse careers in the field of business—from accounting to marketing to human resources to IT management—and how you can position yourself to be a leader in the most in-demand jobs and industries out there. Which master's degrees are most likely to lead to success? What are the top five industries hiring the most bachelor's degree grads? Read all about it here.

The WGU–Career Builder Information Technology Career Guide

The WGU Career Builder Information Technology Career Guide

Technology is a constantly changing—and rapidly growing—career field. And "working in IT" can mean lots and lots of different things. For example, IT jobs in healthcare are booming, and they're substantially different in skills and knowledge required from those you'd need as, say, a software developer or IT manager. So what's the forecast for the industry? What will position you to stand out in the IT field? Read the guide to find out!

We hope you'll find these guides helpful—and that you'll share them with your friends and colleagues on social media and via email. (You can get started by clicking a social sharing icon at the top of this post, or leaving a comment and publishing it to Facebook below.)

And stay tuned—career guides are coming soon for nursing and the K–12 teaching field!

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