What to Expect from Feedback on Your Evaluation

Ding! Email Alert from notification@taskstream.com – What can you expect from feedback in the evaluation of your submission?

When an evaluator releases a completed evaluation in Taskstream, you receive email notification that either your submission passed or that some additional revision is needed.

What can you expect from evaluators’ feedback?

When your assessment passes, your evaluator will confirm where the required competencies have been demonstrated, including specific examples from your submission. Comments will appear on areas where the submission was particularly strong, with robust comments on at least one third of the rubric aspects. Otherwise, the numerical scoring identifies the applicable description on the rubric.

If the automated notification indicates that your work has been sent back to be modified and resubmitted, the evaluator’s feedback will acknowledge your progress toward competency and describe, for every failing aspect, what is insufficient or incorrect in the submission. Evaluation feedback will note what is required by the task instructions and rubric.

Why doesn’t the evaluation faculty just tell you what is wrong and how to fix it? Evaluators cannot instruct on how you should build a response to demonstrate the required competencies. Work with your course mentor if you need additional support to ensure your response demonstrates competency.

Is there only one way to revise? In many cases, the answer is no. This is one of the reasons why evaluators do not specifically direct students on how to revise. This supports open-ended demonstrations of competency.

Here is an example of a Taskstream notification that you will receive that indicates your submission passed:

Here is an example of a Taskstream notification that you will receive that indicates some additional revision is needed:

To view all of the evaluator’s comments and feedback on your submission, you should review the completed evaluation in Taskstream.

An entire evaluation looks like this:

The Evaluation faculty looks forward to your next submission!

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