What Good Are E-Books If You Have Nothing to Read Them on?

Vickie Witt is a teacher at Windy Gap Elementary School in Franklin County, Virginia, where she also has library duties.

She has a master’s degree in reading and loves sharing a love of books with kids. In 2015, “love of books” includes e-books, and reading electronically is going to be more and more the way today’s kids read—for work, for pleasure, for information, for fun—into the future.

Windy Gap has access to several e-books that students can borrow—but their ability to access those books is pretty limited.

As one of 10 grand-prize winners in the WGU Loves Teachers sweepstakes, Vickie plans to buy several tablets that are compatible with the e-books and protective coverings for those tablets, to ensure that more and more kids are able to experience the joy of reading in the digital format they are more familiar and comfortable with as 21st-century digital natives.

Through the WGU Loves Teachers sweepstakes, WGU and Scholastic are awarding 10 $300 grand prizes and 100 $25 first prizes to thank teachers for their hard work and help them build up their classroom libraries and supplies.

Congratulations, Vickie! Stay tuned to The Night Owl Blog for stories of more winners in the future.

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