What Scares You?


Are you haunted by the thought that you never completed your education? Do you have nightmares that you may be passed over for a promotion because you don't have a degree? What scares you the most about returning to school to complete your bachelor's or master's degree?

What phobias are preventing you from achieving your dreams of a degree?

Chrometophobia - Fear of money. Yes, there really is such a thing. Are you afraid you won't have enough money to go back to school? WGU is very affordable with most programs at just $2,890 per six-month term. But the best part is that WGU charges a flat rate per term, so if you are able to complete more courses in a term, you save both time and money. If you can devote more time to your studies, you can accelerate and finish sooner.

Plus, WGU is approved by the U.S. Department of Education to offer federal financial aid—one of the first online universities to receive this recognition. WGU students are able to graduate without large school loans to repay.

ChronophobiaFear of time. Are you terrified of how much time it will take to complete your degree? At WGU, the average baccalaureate candidate completes the program in about three years. Terms are six months in length, which works well for working adults with jobs, families, or other demands on their time. At WGU, you have flexibility to study when you are able. If you already have some experience in your area of study you may be able to finish faster.

AtychiphobiaFear of failure. Are you paralyzed with indecision because you're afraid of failure? WGU's competency-based system is focused on your success—if you don't pass an assessment the first time, you don't have to wait an entire term to try again. YOU are our top priority. You receive a weekly phone call from your own personal mentor who is there to assist you and keep you on track throughout your program. Twice a year we ask our students for feedback because we are continually looking for ways to improve our processes to help our students succeed. WGU truly is the University of YOU.

Testophobia. – Fear of taking tests. At WGU you can take no-stakes pre-assessments to find out where your strengths are, and where you need to concentrate more efforts. No need to waste time studying what you already know. When you excel at a pre-assessment, you can be confident you're ready for the real thing. And you get to schedule when you take the test or turn in assignment! Unlike many universities, you take the assessment when you're ready—not when the university's ready—so no more fears about having finals coming due all at the same time.

WGU offers online webinars, chats, and other resources in multi-media to fit any learning style to help you prepare. Course mentors are also available for one-on-one consultations in areas you need help with. And if you don't pass an assessment the first time, you can try again in just a couple of weeks—in the same term.

HodophobiaFear of travel. The dreaded commute! If the rising cost of gasoline and parking fees for the nearest college are giving you nightmares, we've got a remedy for that! WGU's onnline courses are available where you are, when you are—there are no set times for attending classes on someone else's schedule. A webcam is included with your new student packet so you can even take tests from the comfort of your home!

Agoraphobia – Fear of crowds. Do you dread packed classes held in gigantic auditoriums? At WGU, your courses are online—so you can study anywhere from the beach, to the break room, to your living room. No more rushing up after class to try to speak to the professor—you can set up an appointment with a course mentor by just sending an email, or making a phone call. You get the one-on-one help you need without fighting the crowds.

BibliophobiaFear of books. Does the thought of paying for expensive textbooks, plus lugging them all around campus, send chills up your spine? At WGU, almost all texts are available as e-books, with many additional multi-media resources all for one low flat fee per term. This means substantial savings for you! And no more hauling heavy books around —your studies are as close as your cell phone, laptop, or tablet, and your campus is wherever you are!

MacrophobiaFear of long waits. Do you dread waiting for months to go by to begin a new semester? Do you have nightmares about enduring a class you've already mastered when you could pass the class now? At WGU you can start your program at the beginning of any month. And, no set seat-time required—you progress at your own pace—no need to wait for mid- or end-of-term to take your exams. At WGU you can take the assessment as soon as you're ready and then move on to the next one—no waiting.

Paraskavedekatriaphobia.- Fear of Friday the 13th. Are there certain days that just don't work for you? No problem. At WGU, you can study whenever you want. You can skip Friday the 13th, the night of the big game, the evening of your child's school play, or even the nights with a full moon.

DidaskaleinophobiaFear of going to school. Afraid of going back to school? With WGU, what's to be afraid of?! Phobias about school need no longer stop you from reaching your goals. So now that we've dispelled all your fears:

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