What’s a College Education Worth?

Two major national publications took a look in new articles this week at the value of a college education, and both came to the same clear conclusion: A college degree is well worth the investment of time and money.

The articles come at a time when some are buzzing online and on talk TV about whether times have changed, and whether a college degree still offers the same promise of a better future as it did in days past.

But in the New York Times, David Leonhardt finds that for today’s graduates, a college degree is worth even more than it was in days past. A bachelor’s degree, he writes, is even measurably valuable for workers who are in jobs that don’t require the degree.

Meanwhile, The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson shares several fascinating charts and graphs making the same case: Lifetime earnings and employment stability increase as your education does. And when looked at as an investment, a college degree is more valuable than gold, real estate, or stocks and bonds, he writes.

online colleges chart

  So let us know: What is your online university degree worth to you?

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