Who Is An Online Degree For?

Who Is An Online Degree For?

Earning a degree from an online university is a flexible, accessible option for thousands and thousands of students nationwide – but how do you know if it’s the right next step for you?

A recent Twitter-based poll of WGU students showed that one major factor is previous college experience. More than 90% of WGU students had some college under the belts before enrolling at WGU, though more than half had only enough college for an associate’s degree or less.

Of course, this poll is not scientific, but it’s an interesting snapshot of who attends WGU and what brought them here. The largest plurality of respondents – some 30% – had earned a few college credits but hadn’t achieved any degree at all, while the second-largest group – 22% – did have an associate’s degree but not additional college beyond that.

But nearly one-fourth of students had achieved one degree and had started on the path toward another, but without finishing: The number of students who earned an associate’s degree and some credit toward a bachelor’s, and the number who had a bachelor’s and some credit toward a master’s, both came in at 11%.

These results seem to indicate that, for any student who started college but didn’t go as far as they would like, WGU is an option worth looking into. What do you make of these numbers? And where do you fall on this chart?

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