Why IT Teams Still Matter

IT Proffesional

More companies are moving their IT functions online, which may have some with careers in information technology worried. IT professionals are experts in technology - is it possible that that will be the very thing that pushes them out of their jobs? Although publicly available cloud computing services and intuitive programs are making it easier for employees to use technology effectively, there are still plenty of reasons that companies are keeping their IT departments around.

Even if businesses are moving things to the cloud, cyber security remains one of the top concerns, and that is where the expertise of IT professionals can come in handy. People with careers in information technology are relied upon to make sure users are authenticated, data is protected and that the cloud is secure. In addition, managers rely upon the knowledge of those in IT to ensure that they are taking all the steps necessary to make their networks more secure.

It's impossible to move everything onto the cloud - companies still have to maintain corporate networks and hardware. IT professionals are regularly relied upon to manage this sort of hybrid environment in which businesses find themselves, and to act as a resource for employees who use smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops for work on a daily basis.

In addition to setting co-workers up with the technology they'll need to do their jobs effectively, it's important to have IT professionals on staff in order to troubleshoot any problems that may arise. While technology has come a long way, problems still occur on occasion, and fixing them requires the expertise that comes with an IT degree.

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