Why Teaching is Still a Career Worth Pursuing

online teachers certification

If you’ve been considering a career in teaching, recent cutbacks and economic conditions may have left you wondering about your prospects.

WGU recently took a look at the job market for teachers and found that the prospects are as diverse as the educational needs of America’s students. Read the full story here.

In fact, if you have the passion for education that makes a great teacher, and you’re willing to go where the jobs are and teach the most in-demand subjects, earning an online teacher certification may be the smartest way to launch a lifelong, fulfilling career.

For example, if you’re willing to work in a city center or in a rural community – rather than in the suburbs – you’ll find the demand for qualified teachers is quite high. Similarly, if you go into teaching special education, math, science, or English as a second language, there are still a number of jobs available.

And if you’re already a teacher – or you’re in another career but want to make the leap to education – earning an online master’s degree in education can prove an extremely valuable career move.

Learn about your state’s teacher licensure requirements.

Are you a teacher or in the market to become one? We want to hear from you: How does the job market look to you, and what advice do you have for other aspiring teachers?

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