You Might Be a Successful Online College Student If…

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How do you decide when the time is right to go back and earn your bachelor's or master's degree online? How do you decide which online university is the right fit for you? How do you know where you'll have the best chance at being successful?

You do your homework.

One option: Take this fun, interactive quiz to get a better idea of how your personal traits and study habits mesh with those that make a successful WGU Night Owl.

Another great approach: Ask people who know. You're lucky: You live in the age of social media, where finding fellow learners who can share their experiences is pretty easy. Stop by the WGU Facebook page and ask current students and alumni what it takes to earn a WGU degree.

It worked for us! We asked Facebookers, "What makes a successful WGU student?" We got a ton of answers. Here's a quick rundown of what we learned.

You might be a successful WGU Night Owl if…

  1. You are "a sleep-deprived, school/family/work-shuffling, grade-A ROCK STAR!" A lot of the responses we received focused on the hard work and sacrifice it takes to earn your degree at WGU. At a competency-based online university built for independent adult learners, flexibility comes with the need for a strong commitment. To succeed at WGU, you have to commit to making time in your busy life to make school a priority. But we know you can do it: You are, after all, a grade-A rock star!
  2. "Being an example to your kids" is important to you. The average age of WGU's students is 37, and our students are typically older than the traditional student, with careers and families and the desire to go back and earn the degree they just haven't yet gotten around to finishing. Your reasons for going back to school will play a big role in your ability to stick with it. Career improvement, a better life for your family, and personal achievement are great motivators—and so is setting an example of the importance of education to your loved ones.
  3. These adjectives describe you: "driven," "committed," "persistent," "motivated," "determined," "dedicated," "strong"…
  4. You are an "independent achiever" and a "self-starter." At WGU, you will have the support of your Program Mentor, your Course Instructors, Student Services, and an entire support system of staff and fellow students—but for that support to work, you must seek it out, and you must be driven by an independent spirit. You won't be going to a classroom where your professor will tell you the due date for your next paper or schedule your final exam. You've chosen to go back to school to take charge of your life, and step one is taking charge of your education as well.
  5. You are "undeterred by obstacles." Face it: This is going to be tough. You're fitting hours of studying and schoolwork into an already busy life—and you never know what else life is going to throw at you while you make this journey. To succeed, you have to roll with the punches and be determined to finish what you've started, come what may.

Is this you? Are you the type of learner who is ready, willing, and able to make a WGU education work for you? Get started today by talking to an enrollment counselor.

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