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Where else can a degree in education take you?

The power and importance of community in education: STEM educator continues to inspire underserved youth; will speak at upcoming lecture series In 2008, Chelsey Roebuck was studying mechanical engineering at Columbia University and ready to enter that high-demand field. But everything changed for him following an eye-opening volunteer trip to

When it comes to teachers, it's hard not to be inspired. Perhaps the only thing more uplifting than the stories of lives changed by outstanding teachers is hearing teachers themselves talk about why they do what they do. Ask a teacher why they teach, what motivates them, and you'll catch

Outside of the home, children spend the majority of their time learning and discovering the world within four walls of a classroom. Teachers have the opportunity and privilege to spark intellect and dreams in the minds of our nation’s future leaders—potentially setting them on a path for life and career

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! The soul of a teacher is truly something special. It combines smarts and heart, passion and compassion, nurturing and instructing. It requires equal parts patience and insistence. Sometimes disciplinarian, sometimes ringleader of silliness—but always in it for the kids. Whether you're a new teacher, a seasoned

How do you say thanks to an outstanding teacher? Today is the first day of National Teacher Appreciation Week (which runs from May 2–6 this year; Teacher Appreciation Day is tomorrow, May 3! ), a great opportunity to show that special teacher—whether they be a friend, your former teacher, or

At WGU, each student is assigned a personal faculty member to work with them as a mentor throughout their time at WGU. Additionally, each course has its own course mentors, subject-matter experts who are available to help students get through course material. Advice from your mentors is invaluable as you

S amirah Akhlaq always understood the value of education, but moving from country to country made it extremely difficult for her to complete a degree. She demonstrated a passion for teaching on several continents, but lacked the license she needed to build a career. Growing up in Pakistan, Samirah chose

With more than 57,000 WGU graduates across the country, we have the privilege of hearing many inspiring stories of life and career success, perseverance, struggles and triumphs—each unique and special. We meet sisters, colleagues, friends, or parents and their offspring who have completed their degrees either simultaneously or consecutively, the

Setting goals and creating an action plan can be comforting and generate good habits. But sometimes life does not go according to plan, and that requires flexibility and adaptability. Farid Giahi, a WGU alum and returning student, has been taught that lesson a few times over. Farid grew up in

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