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Is the Kagan Cooperative Learning Method a Worthy Addition to Your Classroom?

Witness more "lightbulb moments" with your students through the Kagan Cooperative Method.

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Is the Kagan Cooperative Learning Method a Worthy Addition to Your Classroom?

Read into the Kagan Cooperative Method and increase student engagement.  

Encourage girls to be excited about STEM

Keep girls engaged in STEM activities with these opportunities. 

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3 Ways to Excite and Encourage Girls in STEM in Your Classroom

Keep girls engaged in STEM with these activities. 

Science notebooks will help your students review and learn concepts, and keep their work organized. 

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A Guide to Implementing Science Notebooks

Keep track of assignments and easily review concepts with science notebooks.

Create an interactive spy headquarters and transform how your students learn. 

Classroom innovation

We Spy: An Interactive Classroom Activity

Be the coolest teacher in school by transforming your classroom into an interactive spy headquarters.

Classic works of literature that will get your students excited to read.

Your students will connect with these timeless classics.

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5 Classic Books That Offer Timeless Lessons

Teaching classic books is a great way to spark your students' passion for reading.

Teachers need to stay organized to enjoy Thanksgiving break
Teaching moments

A Teacher's Guide to Thanksgiving Break

Before you dig into that turkey, make sure your ducks are in a row. 

Kindergarten Class Game

Don't let your class get bored before the bell rings! Use these quick activities instead. 

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Easy Five Minute Games to Make the Most of Free Time

What are you going to do with the time left before the bell rings? Use these easy, quick activities. 

Kids practicing yoga on desks

Imagine a classroom of calm and focused students. It can happen with these mindfulness activities. 

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Mindfulness Activities to Reduce Stress and Improve Student Focus

The best way to reduce your stress is to focus on calming your students.

An Autumn Scene at Sunset

If your class is upside down now that back-to-school excitement has worn off, turn it around with these classroom management ideas. 

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7 Classroom Management Tips for Surviving the October Lull

October is a month that gives many teachers the heebie-jeebies. 

Illustration: diverse students in multi-dress

Help even your most fashion-forward students keep their clothing choices within the school's dress code. 

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How to Enforce the Student Dress Code in a Fair Way

Your students' big fashion statements can become a big problem. 

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