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10 Signs that teaching will be a good fit for you

If you're considering being a teacher, here are some of the traits that good teachers usually exhibit. 

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10 Signs That Becoming a Teacher Is the Right Move for You

Wondering if you have the chops for teaching? Read this. 

Teaching handwriting is critical to your students' academic and social skills development.

Digital tools can't compensate for the skills your students will develop through learning handwriting. 

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Knowing How to Teach Handwriting Matters

Our digital world can't compensate for what your students will miss without handwriting skills. 

Expand your teacher's salary with these tips.

Cover your expenses on a teacher's salary and bring in some extra cash with these ideas. 

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How to Make Your Teacher Salary Work When the Bills Come Calling

Expand your earnings as a teacher with these creative opportunities. 

These actions are the keys to consistency
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The 7 Keys to Consistent Action

Setting goals is important, but it's just one step toward achieving consistency.

Use these tips to put your class on track for the rest of the year.

Leave your teaching mistakes behind and start the year with these fresh ideas. 

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The Best Practices for Changing Your Teaching Methods Midyear

Avoid overcorrection and be open, honest, and patient.

There are many realistic options for teachers to improve their health

Improving your health is a matter of making smarter choices.

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5 REALISTIC Ways for Teachers to Get Healthier This Year

There are viable ways to get healthier, even if you don't have much time or money.

Sail through the rest of the year with this comprehensive to-do list.

Sail through the second half of the school year with this comprehensive checklist.

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The Definitive Checklist for Teachers to Get from January to July with Ease

Use this comprehensive to-do checklist and sail through the rest of the school year.

Create joy in your classroom with these techniques used in Finland schools.

Focus on Finlands' education models to bring both joy and learning to your classroom environment. 

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Building a Joyful Classroom: Top 10 Strategies Based on Education in Finland

Bring joy to your classroom any season of the year with this European classroom model. 

Spread the word about these gift ideas that will leave teachers totally stoked!

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What Are the Best (and Worst) Teacher Gifts to Give?

Tired of getting apple-decorated tchotchkes? Make sure to share these guidelines far and wide. 

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Don't let the negativity from other teachers impact you and spread into your classroom

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5 Ways to Deal with Negative Teachers

Negativity from other teachers in your school can be as infectious as the flu. 

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