WGU Student Newsletter April 2014

April is here—but you’re no fool! In fact, if you ask us, we think you’re downright brilliant. After all, you’ve made the decision to invest in yourself—an investment that, as this month’s edition of The Night Owl newsletter demonstrates, can have a very impressive ROI. You’re an independent achiever with your own unique learning style (see below), and you have the strength and perseverance to take on whatever challenges come your way, even the unexpected (yep, we have an article about that this month, too). So as they say: April showers bring May flowers, but April studies bring future graduates. (They say that, right?)

WGU Named 'Best Value School'

A brand-new award designed to recognize schools that provide students with a great educational experience at an affordable price has been launched, and WGU is one of the first 13 awardees! The selection committee had some very nice things to say about your university.
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The Return on Your Educational Investment

In the business world, ROI (return on investment) is perhaps the most important measure of how today’s actions will affect your future bottom line. Find out why blogger Nick Rothacher calls a WGU education “the investment with a better ROI than stocks, bonds, or real estate.”
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CareerBuilder and WGU Business and IT Career Guides

Your degree will be a critical part of your plan to reach your career goals. But at WGU, we are committed to your success beyond helping you earn your degree. That’s why we teamed up with CareerBuilder to create these two online guides to give you an insider’s look at the tips and trends you’ll want to know to be successful in IT and business.
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Tips and Tricks

Get Help, Set Goals, and Read

WGU student Hope says: “Definitely check the learning communities for clarification documents and webinars to help you get through the tasks. Set small goals and do one task at a time. DO THE READING!”

Night Owl Profiles

Moving up from the Mailroom

Night Owl Rick Hannah’s goal is to climb from the mailroom to the executive suite, but not without a lot of hard work—and, of course, his B.S. in Business Management degree from WGU (via Missouri’s state-based version of the university, WGU Missouri).
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Mentor Advice

Mentor Advice: Plan for the Unexpected

How do you keep plugging ahead toward your goals when unforeseen obstacles sneak up on you? College of Business Student Mentor Teresa Ruminski has some great advice on planning for the unexpected.
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Learning How You Learn

There are three distinct styles of taking in and processing information. Knowing which type of learner you are is critical to being the best student you can be. Student Success Specialist Elizabeth Sumner talks you through it.
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