WGU Student Newsletter April 2015

April may be famous for its fools, but you’re no dummy. You have made a smart choice because you have chosen a school focused on your success. One recent piece of evidence is a Gallup survey showing WGU graduates have great jobs and great lives. Part of our commitment to you is to provide the news and advice that will help you find success. We hope that this month’s edition of The Night Owl student newsletter will help you on your journey.

Night Owls: Great Jobs, Great Lives

A new study from Gallup finds that WGU alumni are thriving in all areas of well-being, at levels significantly higher than the national average.

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New Print-on-Demand Textbook Option

If you are the type of person who prefers to work out of hard-copy textbooks, you will be happy to learn that WGU and VitalSource have released our first print-on-demand textbook option. Gerontological Nursing: Competencies for Care for nursing students is now available as a learning resource.

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Communications Survey Reminder

We want your feedback on how WGU communicates with you as a student. Please take our survey by April 10 to be entered to win an Amazon gift card.

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4 Things to Do Before an Assessment

Even if you’re mentally ready for an assessment, there are things you can do to be physically ready as well.

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The Business Side of the Culinary Arts

Find out why this award-winning chef credits his WGU business degree for his success.

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Study on the Go

WGU student Stephanie says: “Download the Bookshelf app to your tablet to read while you are out. The app saved me lots of study time and let me break into short, frequent sessions. Also, print out your tasks to write on during task breakdown sessions with your course mentor.”

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