WGU Student Newsletter August 2014

Welcome to the August issue of The Night Owl newsletter! In this issue, you'll get lots of great advice, from keyboard shortcuts to tips for overcoming all the obstacles—tiny and tremendous—that can get in your way as you work toward your degree. You'll also get a healthy dose of inspiration from the recently graduated Class of Summer 2014.

White House Calls WGU an Example of "What Works"

Your university is once again in the national spotlight: A new White House report celebrates WGU as an example of highly effective postsecondary education. The report notes that WGU delivers a better, more-flexible learning experience for students, superior results for graduates—and you can get all that with far less debt, or none at all!

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National Commencement Recap

We were joined in celebrating the graduating Class of Summer 2014 by a White House official, a former governor, hundreds of mentors, and more than 800 graduates, their families, and loved ones. Read all about it—and watch the video.

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Regaining Personal Financial Balance

At WGU we champion your ability to earn a degree in less time for less money. Your success stories can help others envision that reality for themselves. Many students transfer to WGU to complete their degrees affordably, acquiring far less student debt. Nationwide, student debt has created an economic crisis for many graduates and former students. Too many students are graduating with an overwhelming amount of loan debt that will take years to pay off. How did transferring to WGU help you regain financial control of your life? We encourage you to share your stories here and help others find their way out of student debt.

New Master's in Accounting Degree Program

If you are currently working on your B.S. in Accounting or know someone who is interested in becoming a CPA or otherwise advancing in the field, this news is for you: Announcing the brand-new M.S. in Accounting degree!

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Mentor Advice: Obstacles Galore

There are thousands of potential hurdles standing in the way of you finishing your degree. This post is chock-full of tips and advice for clearing those hurdles and achieving success.

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Computer Basics: Taking a Shortcut Isn't Always a Bad Idea

Shortcuts, sticky keys, and other quick tricks to make that drawn-out task of writing a paper a little less time-consuming.

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Stay Connected

WGU student Kate says: "Definitely use the WGU Facebook app as well as other Facebook communities in order to keep contact with other students."

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Teaching Grad Gets Hometown Spotlight

Nohemi Perea's graduation from WGU's Teachers College helped her land her own third-grade classroom, the pride and satisfaction of achieving her dreams—and this great write-up in her hometown newspaper.

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