WGU Student Newsletter December 2014

Whether you're reading this email nestled all snug by the fireplace or quickly skimming it on your phone in a long holiday shopping line, we hope this month's issue of The Night Owl student newsletter finds you in good cheer—and primed to plow through another successful month of progress toward your goals.

We know that December can be a whirlwind of a month, so we're keeping this issue short and to the point: You'll find advice for staying on track during the holidays and getting through that next tough course painlessly. You'll also find stories to inspire you and give you a good dose of school pride. Whatever you find, may it help fuel a happy, healthy, productive holiday season!

The Gift of Education: Refer a Friend, Help the Red Cross

It's better to give than to receive, they say. Education is a gift you give yourself, and as a student, you've already started receiving the benefits of that gift; this month is a great time to pay it forward by giving the gift to a friend or loved one. Throughout December, each time you refer a friend to WGU through www.wgu.edu/refer, not only will you receive a thank-you gift and your friend's application fee be waived, but we will donate $10 to the American Red Cross.

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Your Path to Awesome

Your toughest courses just got a little easier—introducing cohorts, an optional new source of support on your way to success. Cohorts break the learning down, help you get unstuck, and guide you to completing your course and moving on.

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Looking Ahead by Looking Back

Now that our enrollment has surpassed 50,000 (and continues to grow), we thought it might be a good time to look ahead at the kind of results this huge, nationwide student body can hope for by checking out the more than 40,000 success stories that have come before.

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A Lesson in Believing in Yourself

From our friends at WGU Texas comes this remarkable story of Kwesi Williams, who was awarded not one but two degrees at last month's WGU Texas commencement—despite having been told by the headmaster at his high school in Trinidad and Tobago that he'd never amount to anything.

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Back it Up!

WGU student Kate says: "Back up your files through the cloud, Dropbox, or a flash drive!"

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