WGU Student Newsletter February 2013

Thank you, Night Owls!

February is Student Appreciation Month at WGU—a chance for us to make sure you know just how much we admire, respect, and, yes, appreciate all the hard work and sacrifice you have invested in this journey we call a college education. Happy Student Appreciation Month! YOU are the reason we do what we do.

30,000 Graduates and Counting!

As a Night Owl, you’re in good company—and as a future alum, you’re about to graduate into good company, too! We’re excited to announce that we’ve passed the milestone of 30,000 degrees earned from WGU.
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10 Steps to New Year's Resolution Success

This year, why not resolve to resolve correctly? Check out these 10 great tips for making sure your goals for 2014 become a reality!
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No. 1 in the U.S. in STEM Teaching Grads

A recent study revealed that WGU is the top university in the nation for producing graduates in science and math education programs.
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New Mobile App for Students

Have you downloaded the new WGU mobile application? It’s available in the iTunes App Store for iPad and iPhone. You can use the app to study on the go. You can also enable push notifications on the status of your performance assessments. A version for Android is also in the works.
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New Master's Degree in College of Business

Night Owls finishing their bachelor’s degrees and considering a graduate degree—as well as students with family and friends considering enrolling in a business degree program—will be interested to learn about this brand-new degree program: M.S. in Management and Leadership. It’s a great program for business professionals who want to advance their careers by honing their organizational and team leadership skills.
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Ways to Make Your Boss Say, 'Wow!'

WGU student Gwen Dobson is an IT Director of Software Quality, and in this insightful post, she spills the beans on what makes a manager take notice of an employee’s hard work.
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Tips and Tricks

Your Own ‘Handy-Dandy WGU Binder’

WGU student Havilah says: “I print off all of my tasks for the upcoming term and put them in my handy-dandy WGU binder. Once I complete the task, I rip it out and file it away in my ‘finished’ folder. Not only is it a great way to have at-hand all of the things I will be working on; it is also awesome to watch as my ‘finished’ pile grows!”

Night Owl Profiles

Night Owl Fights Drug Use in His Community

Wonder why we celebrate Student Appreciation Month every February? Read this story and wonder no more: Thom Hazel is a BSN graduate and current MSN—Education student from Maine whose education has played a vital role in his work combatting intravenous drug use in his community. The Night Owl community is full of students and grads like Thom whose work makes us proud every day.
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Mentor Advice

Clearing Up Common Online-Ed Misconceptions

When you enroll in a non-traditional degree program—like the online, competency-based variety offered by WGU—there can be a pretty steep learning curve. College of IT Student Mentor Corey Fritzke shares the guidance he gives to his newly enrolled students to help them get up to speed.
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