WGU Student Newsletter February 2016

February may be the shortest month of the year, but this year we get one extra day. If you’re close to graduating, completing a task, or passing a course, the extra day could put you ahead or even mean you graduate a month sooner than planned—if you use it wisely. Look to your mentor for support; set goals that include maximizing your extra day—make it a leap year to remember, Night Owl!

Upgrades to the Student Portal

As of February 1, you will notice exciting changes to the look and layout of your student portal! These new features will make navigation quick and easy and should make your time on the portal more productive. Click here for a thorough, visual walk-through of your new student portal.

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What Upcoming Academic Meetings Mean to Students

This month your mentor may be attending academic meetings in Orlando or Anaheim, and we know it can be inconvenient for you when you are unable to reach them. We hope that providing answers to commonly asked questions and concerns about these meetings will help you understand why we hold them, their value to you, and how you can plan ahead so your progress doesn’t slow down.

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Multiple Rewards for Refer-a-Friend Program

Our students tell the WGU story better than we ever could, and you know better than anyone what it takes to be a successful WGU student. For each prospective student you refer to WGU who requests additional information, you’ll earn your choice of either a $20 Amazon gift card or a $30 credit to the WGU online store. We’ll also send an application fee waiver code valued at $65 to the person you refer! We appreciate your continued support. Refer your friends at www.wgu.edu/refer

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Career Tip of the Month: Applicant Tracking Systems

Most corporations use some form of an applicant tracking system to handle high volumes of incoming job applications. These systems are unfortunately error-prone if your résumé is not formatted a certain way. To increase the chances of your résumé being seen, we have a few tips that may help.

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Sage Advice: Mentor Advice for New and Current Students

Technology is important to WGU, and we enjoy learning about programs and resources that can simplify our students’ educational journey. WGU Course Mentor Mineta Wilde recommends using Microsoft’s OneNote to keep your work and notes organized—one of several tips she provides on being a successful student.

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Night Owl Profile: Branding Yourself When You’re an Introvert

As an introvert, WGU MBA student Krystal was being passed over for opportunities because others were more gregarious and popular than she. She has since broken out of her comfort zone and created “Women of Denver,” a community dedicated to helping women build a credible and influential personal brand.

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Tips and Tricks:

WGU student Lori suggests: “Schedule your study time like you would any other appointment. When I was working, I scheduled my time from 6 to 9 p.m. every single day.”

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