WGU Student Newsletter July 2016

In her early years, Amelia Earhart’s passion and desire to fly was hindered by lack of funds. However, she never allowed any circumstance dictate an outcome – only her choices and attitude could do so. As a teenager and into her young adult years, she worked many different jobs to make ends meet and to put away as much money as possible to make her dream of flying a reality. Being a successful WGU student also requires sacrifice, consistent effort, determination, and drive. Like Amelia, sometimes you must push yourself to places you never thought you would go, and your choice to return to school and earn your degree with WGU shows you are willing to do what it takes to succeed in life and your career. Way to go, Night Owl!

Commencement Time in Salt Lake City

WGU National’s Summer Commencement is coming up quickly on July 16. Even if you’re not walking this year, tune into the live streaming of the event to hear the inspiring stories of our four graduate speakers. We are always inspired by our student’s stories and wanted you to have the chance to be inspired as well.

Multiple Rewards for Refer-a-Friend Program

Our students tell the WGU story better than we ever could, and you know better than anyone what it takes to be a successful WGU student. For each prospective student you refer to WGU that requests additional information, you’ll earn your choice of either a $20 Amazon gift card or a $30 credit to the WGU online store. We’ll also send a FREE application fee waiver code valued at $65 to the person you refer! We appreciate your continued support. Refer your friends at www.wgu.edu/refer

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Career Tip of the Month: 5 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Your Job Search

Are you on LinkedIn? It’s not just a website to post your current job and a nice photo. LinkedIn offers many resources to help you network, apply for jobs, and stay on others radar.

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Sage Advice: Advice from a Grad: How to Get Started as a New WGU Student

Shauna shares 11 useful tips to help you begin your next term on the right foot and sail smoothly through.

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Night Owl Profile: Researcher Interviewed 21 Millionaires

Having been raised in poor circumstances, Brandon was determined to be successful in his life endeavors. When success didn’t come as quickly as he had hoped, he researched success in hopes of finding the key characteristic. His obsession became a published book.

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Tips and Tricks: Efficiency of Flash Cards

WGU Student Melissa suggests: “Flashcards are great study aids that can be taken with you wherever you go. Practice running late? Study your cards. This has helped me immensely!”

More News Stories

Dr. Fred Hurt Joins WGU as VP for Institutional Advancement
WGU Launches Bachelor’s in Data Management/Data Analytics

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