WGU Student Newsletter March 2016

On June 28, 2012, the U.N. General Assembly established an “International Day of Happiness” for March 20th. Jayme Illien, a U.N. adviser, came up with the idea for a U.N. Resolution, to recognize the pursuit of happiness as a “fundamental human goal” and a human right. However you define happiness, your journey with WGU can contribute to a happy, joyful life. In fact, a recent Gallup poll showed that WGU alumni are almost twice as likely as graduates from other universities to be thriving in all five areas of well-being: financial well-being, purpose, physical well-being, social well-being, and community. We hope that the nice change in weather will keep you motivated and your spirits high, and that you have a successful spring!

2016 Winter Commencement and Videos Recap

Commencement is an exciting time for graduates and the entire WGU team as we see, hear, and learn about the ways WGU has worked for you and how your degrees are helping you achieve your career goals. Our winter commencement in Orlando last month was no exception. We wanted to share the inspiring stories of our graduate speakers with the hope that you will be inspired to keep working hard toward your own goals. It will be your turn before you know it, and here’s what you have to look forward to!

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Multiple Rewards for Refer-a-Friend Program

Our students tell the WGU story better than we ever could, and you know better than anyone what it takes to be a successful WGU student. For each prospective student you refer to WGU that requests additional information, you’ll earn your choice of either a $20 Amazon gift card or a $30 credit to the WGU online store. We’ll also send a FREE application fee waiver code valued at $65 to the person you refer! We appreciate your continued support. Refer your friends at www.wgu.edu/refer

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Career Tip of the Month: Can We Talk? The Art of Conversation

Before social media, the main resource we used to build personal and professional networks was conversation. Now that social media provides us a much quicker, more effective way to network, the art of verbal and face-to-face conversation seems to be pushed to the back burner. We have a few tips to help you gain confidence and feel comfortable with small talk and networking conversations at professional and social gatherings.

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Graduates Receive Capstone Excellence Award

Although you haven’t graduated just yet, the last step before you do is to complete your capstone – a culminating degree project where you will integrate all of your program competencies. WGU grants Capstone Excellence Awards to celebrate student excellence in the completion of their capstone. This recognition is noted on the recipients’ WGU transcripts, and the student receives a Capstone Excellence Award certificate. A Capstone Excellence Award Archive containing the works of former students was created in 2015 and is accessible through WGU authentication. We have posted a list of the 2015 award recipients and their work for your reference.

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Sage Advice: Becoming a Great Mentor

Mentorship is an important aspect of our model at WGU. You may be sitting alone at your computer to study and learn your course material, but you have a team at WGU rooting for you to succeed, here to help you achieve your goals. In fact, at WGU you’ll likely receive more one-on-one support from your mentors than you would from a teacher in a classroom of 30 or more. It is likely you will play or already play a mentor role to the employees you manage, to co-workers, or to a classroom full of students, and we imagine you would like to be the best! The first step to doing so may be as simple as listening.

Night Owl Profile: We Now Pronounce You “Graduated”

Madonna has always loved math and planned to pursue a career as a math teacher after high school but was encouraged to put her passion and skills toward an engineering career. She had a successful career for 17 years, but chose to return to school and pursue the teaching career she always wanted when the housing market dropped. Madonna enrolled with WGU and was able to continue working full time throughout her degree program while raising two daughters. Her hard work and sacrifice were witnessed by her husband, Brett, who followed in her footsteps and recently graduated with his B.S. Information Technology degree from WGU.

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Tips and Tricks:

WGU student Gena says: “Work out before you work on school. It gives me more energy and motivation to study. Then I reward myself after by letting myself watch one show I really like.”

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