WGU Student Newsletter May 2015

County fairs, beach visits, camping, and hiking are upon us as May begins our summer months. It’s also a time for many of our new graduates to walk across a stage, diploma in hand, to celebrate hard work and a job well done (see the list of upcoming commencement ceremonies in this edition of The Night Owl). For the rest of you, we hope that as you work toward completing your degree through the summer you will find a steady balance between fun in the sun and buckling down on your course work, eventually reaping the rewards you deserve for all of your hard work.

WGU Named “Best Value School”

Your success is our success and our goal is to always provide our students a quality education, to help you succeed and complete your degree. It is because of your voices that WGU has been honored as a Best Value School Awardee by University Research & Review for the second year in a row.

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From Chromebook to Taskstream

When you complete and submit a paper, you are probably eager to learn your grade and fully move on to your next task. To avoid unnecessary delays, make sure your work is saved correctly and submitted properly. Check out these instructions if you’re a Chromebook user.

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Who Evaluates Performance Assessments at WGU?

Do you ever wonder who sees your assessments once you hit the “submit” button? Is it a machine? Is it automated? Wonder no more.

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Commencement Dates & Participation Guidelines

National and state commencement ceremonies have been scheduled, and if you’re close to graduating, we want to ensure you’re able to celebrate with us. Please review the upcoming dates and guidelines.

  • May 2 - WGU Washington Commencement
  • June 27 - WGU Missouri Commencement
  • July 11 - WGU Tennessee Commencement
  • August 15 - WGU – 2015 Summer Commencement
  • Sep. 26 - WGU Indiana Commencement
  • Oct. 17 - WGU Texas Commencement

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Silverlight in Chrome Install Message

If you are attempting to upload media, load the Panopto editor, or view legacy sessions in Google Chrome, you may see an error prompt even if you have Silverlight installed. Chrome version 42 was recently released, and all NPAPI plug-ins including Silverlight are turned off by default. To resolve the issue, follow the steps in the link below to re-enable the plug-ins.

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Mentor Advice: Why Is It So Hard to Stop Procrastinating? (Hint: It Doesn’t Have to Be)

Procrastination can create a brief sense of relief in our hectic days, but our responsibilities always seem to catch up with us. Take action and break the habit.

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Career Tip of the Month: Using a School District’s Website to Your Advantage

It is always wise to individualize your resume and cover letter for each job you apply for. For teaching and other positions within a school or district, we recommend visiting their specific websites before submitting your application so you can increase your interview chances.

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Dos and Don’ts of Passing a Tough Performance Assessment

Writing a tough paper? Putting together a complex presentation? Here are the should and should-nots of getting it done right.

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Providing New Families with Specialized Care

When babies are born early or face challenges transitioning into the world and require very specialized, around-the-clock care, Nurse Lyne Liboiron-Bouie provides that extra care.

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Get Ahead of the Game

WGU student Robin says: “Start working on the next task while waiting for evaluation to be done.”

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