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November is a month of gratitude. We celebrate the bounties of the harvest—and of everything else we have in our lives—during a season of thanksgiving. We thank our military veterans and their families for their sacrifices as we celebrate Veterans Day. And in this spirit of thanks, we at WGU want to take the opportunity to thank you, the hard-working Night Owl, for dedicating yourself every day to bettering your future and the future of your family—and for choosing WGU as the university to help you achieve your dreams! Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at WGU.

Are You Using All of Your Resources?

In this month’s mentor advice column, College of Business Student Mentor Madonna Tritle has a great rundown of all the various resources available to WGU students. Check the list to make sure you know of everything you have access to as a Night Owl!

Check out your resources! »

6 Things Academic Services Can Do for You

Meet the Academic Services department and learn about the many roles it serves in helping you succeed and graduate.

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Haunted by the Horror of 'The Red'


Just as you’re getting over the Halloween jitters, here’s something else that can be scary: debt. At WGU, we have resources to help you prevent being haunted by “The Red.”

Fight the Fear »

Taming Test Anxiety


You’ve studied hard and you definitely know your stuff—but you’re really nervous all the same. Test anxiety is a real and common experience for many students, but with these tips, you can head into that assessment calm and ready to pass.

Calm those nerves »

Meet a Few of WGU’s Military Veterans

Veteran Students

Ervin Willis is a veteran who found a lot of benefit from WGU's competency-based model and the certifications offered as part of our IT degree programs.
Meet Ervin »

Janelle Fletcher

Dog trainer and self-described "computer geek" Janelle Fletcher combines her love of dogs and IT with her military experience, helping veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and providing other volunteer service.
Meet Janelle »

Vet Housing Stipends

When changes to the Post-9/11 GI Bill® allowed students at online universities to qualify for veterans' housing stipends, Mark Curtis was able to "take full advantage of my VA education benefits without having to put my professional career on hold."
Meet Mark »

Philip Breiding

Marine Corps veteran Philip Breiding knew he wanted to be a teacher, and when he learned about WGU, he knew it was the university to help him prepare for a demanding job as a science teacher.
Meet Philip »

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