WGU Student Newsletter November 2016

Not only is the month of November a time we focus on giving and expressing gratitude, it also houses a day dedicated to spreading joy and kindness – World Kindness Day. It is easy to focus on the negative things happening around us, but there is even more goodness and kind acts being performed all around us. We have a lot of responsibilities that often pull us in multiple directions – it can be taxing, and sometimes feel overwhelming, but taking a moment to smile at a stranger, a co-worker, or a family member can generate a chain of kind acts and spread joy. Make the small effort to spread a little happiness while you’re at work or out running errands. Thank someone for holding the door open for you and hold one open for someone else, or simply pick up a can of food that a stranger accidentally dropped at the grocery store. You’ll likely find that as you spread kindness, you feel happier and receive an extra boost of motivation to tackle important responsibilities. Earning a degree will be a life-long benefit, and your current and future employees will thank you repeatedly for it.

Sage for President

As the presidential election cycle draws to a close, there is one more candidate you may want to support—Sage! When you follow this link and donate $15 or more to the American Red Cross, you can receive a “Sage for President” button. Supplies are limited so donate today, and wear your button with pride!

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Important Dates for 2017 Winter Commencement

Winter commencement is a few months away on Saturday, February 11, but important deadlines are coming up as soon as December 1. Check them out here. If you’re not going to be walking in February, watching the student speakers is a chance to really be inspired and keep you motivated to reach both your academic and career goals, so mark February 11 on your calendar!

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Multiple Rewards for Refer-a-Friend Program

Our students tell the WGU story better than we ever could, and you know better than anyone what it takes to be a successful WGU student. For each prospective student you refer to WGU that requests additional information, you’ll earn your choice of either a $20 Amazon gift card or a $30 credit to the WGU online store. We’ll also send a FREE application fee waiver code valued at $65 to the person you refer! We appreciate your continued support. Refer your friends at www.wgu.edu/refer

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Career Tip of the Month: Tips for Networking as an Introvert

As an introvert, being around large groups of people at one time can be draining, but it does not put you at a disadvantage when it comes to networking. There are many advantages to being an introvert when making connections with others. Check out our 10 tips for networking!

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Sage Advice: Social Media Etiquette

Whether you use social media for work or personal purposes, there is nothing private on the internet, so be aware of what you’re posting and the conversations you engage in. We have a few tips that may help you enjoy the personal aspect of social media, while still maintaining a professional image.

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Night Owl Profile: Gus Calder

Gus was a straight A student until high school when he gained more independence and became a little more carefree. He found a job, but it took a bad burn in the middle of winter to make him realize that school was the only way for him to transition careers and take charge of his future.

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Tips and Tricks: Time Your Study Sessions!

WGU Student Dana says: “Give yourself a few minutes’ break if working more than 30 minutes. Snack, water, bathroom, or just a stretch break keeps highly essential oxygen flowing to the brain. Celebrate successes, even small ones!”

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