WGU Student Newsletter September 2014

Where did the summer go? Around the country, it's back-to-school time, and even though it's "back-to-school time" year-round at WGU, we're still celebrating that first-day-of-school nostalgia in the September issue of The Night Owl. For one thing, we offer up some tips from your fellow students on how to balance being a parent whose kids are going back to school with schoolwork of your own. Also, we're giving your friends a couple of unbeatable back-to-school opportunities, including an application fee waiver code and the chance to apply for a scholarship. Read on for details.

Celebrate Our White House Endorsement by Telling a Friend

Last month, a new White House report praised WGU as an example of highly effective postsecondary education. Good news is shareable news, and in this case, spreading the word about your school pride to a friend, family member, or coworker looking to earn a bachelor's or master's degree of their own is more than bragging: It's giving them a great gift! If your friend visits www.wgu.edu/WHReport to read more about the White House's report, they'll also receive a special code, valid through September, to waive their WGU application fee! Tweet the big news.

Back-to-School Scholarship

More good news to share with your friends looking to finish their bachelor's degree or return to school for a master's degree: We're giving more than 100 new students a scholarship worth up to $2,000! Learn about the scholarship and how your friends can apply.

Just For Fun: Which Famous Boss Are You?

Bosses. We've all had them and will continue to throughout our careers. Some bosses are nurturing and help you grow. Others test your limits with their demands. Either way, they're part of our lives. Whether you're currently a boss or working toward it, take our quiz to find out which famous boss you're most like. Discover your inner leader.

Mentor Advice: Give Yourself Space to Learn

The space between the load you bear and your power to take it on is your "margin." Teachers College Course Mentor Dr. Nancy Champion Cartwright helps you maximize your margin for learning. Find your space.

Night Owl Profile: WGU a Lifeline for Three Students Whose Jobs Outpaced Their Education

Kristian Sevison climbed the ranks to become a director; Alisha Sabin was a vice president; Tim Attebery was CEO. All three got there without having earned a bachelor's degree. And then, suddenly, all three found themselves in need of finishing that long-delayed goal. WGU gave them that opportunity. Meet Kristian. Meet Alisha. Meet Tim.

6 Back-to-School Tips for Parents Who Are ALSO in School

Wrangling the kids to do their homework becomes even harder when you're trying to get your own done. Check out some advice from fellow Night Owls braving their kids' back-to-school time. Keep your back-to-school cool.

Double Vision

WGU student Daniel says: "Two monitors: You can run a webinar/video training/books/etc. on one screen and be pasting notes and making comments at the same time in One Note in the other screen."

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