WGU Student Newsletter September 2016

A change in seasons can sometimes mean a change in energy and commitments. You are busy and time is something we know you don’t take for granted, so use the time you’ll spend indoors when the weather gets chilly and complete an extra task or assessment. Adjust your schedule if needed. Determine your most productive hours of the day at home or take advantage of your breaks at work and set those times aside specifically for your school work. Keep that momentum going! You’ll have that degree before you know it.

WGU’s Sage Talks September 21, 2016

A leader in STEM education, Chelsey Roebuck, will be speaking at WGU’s next Sage Talks on September 21 at the Salt Lake City Public Library. Join us live in Salt Lake for this free event, or watch the live-stream from your computer. Chelsey will speak about his passion for and purpose in community-based youth development. He is the founder of the Harlem-based ELiTE (Emerging Leaders in Technology and Engineering) Education. Sage Talks, named after our mascot, was created to provide personal and professional development, inspiration, and continuing education opportunities to the community. Chelsey is sure to inspire our audience to find their purpose and follow it through. Register today for this free event!

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WGU Recognized for Reducing Student Debt by 41%

Student loan debt in the U.S. is now over $1.3 trillion. WGU and its students are being recognized for addressing this problem by reducing student borrowing. WGU’s Responsible Borrowing Initiative, to date, has reduced student borrowing at WGU by $400 million! At the American Association of University Administrators’ (AAUA) annual conference in Texas last month, we received the Exemplary Model Award recognizing the impact of this effort.

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Capstone Excellence Awards

Twice a year, WGU Capstone Faculty Evaluators nominate deserving projects for a “Capstone Excellence Award.” The capstone is the culminating degree project where WGU students integrate all of their program competencies. Students are selected for this award because they provided an excellent example of expressing ingenuity, exhibiting mastery, or enabling synergy in their organization or community. Several other factors are also considered before awards are granted. These capstones have been made available for your review to help guide you in your upcoming project!

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New “Rate Your Competencies” In WGU Courses

WGU has created a new “Rate Your Competency” survey for you to fill out before you begin a new course so we can continue to improve our curriculum!

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Multiple Rewards for Refer-a-Friend Program

Our students tell the WGU story better than we ever could, and you know better than anyone what it takes to be a successful WGU student. For each prospective student you refer to WGU that requests additional information, you’ll earn your choice of either a $20 Amazon gift card or a $30 credit to the WGU online store. We’ll also send a FREE application fee waiver code valued at $65 to the person you refer! We appreciate your continued support. Refer your friends at www.wgu.edu/refer

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Career Tip of the Month: Types of Cover Letters

Writing a cover letter can be painful, but a “Pain Letter” is a type of cover letter that can really make you stand out! The idea is to write a letter as though you are the solution to a problem the company has.

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Sage Advice: Improving Productivity Through Sleep

No one likes to go throughout the workday tired and feeling like they’re dragging and unproductive, so we’ve gathered a few tips that we hope will be helpful in improving your sleep quality!

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Night Owl Profile: James Chandler

James dabbled in different career fields after high school and gave college a shot, but when he began making good money working in the automobile industry with no degree, he quit school. He swore he would never go back, but plans don’t always pan out the way we think they will. This past April, James graduated from WGU with his B.A. Science (5-9) degree and began a whole new career as a teacher.

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Tips and Tricks: Time Your Study Sessions!

WGU Student Jenn says: “Do not take any days off. Even it’s only writing one paragraph or reading 10 pages. You stop one day and motivation is lacking for weeks to months. This let me do my B.S. Health Informatics in 22 months.”

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