Welcome Red Cross Employees and Volunteers

Red Cross

Thank you for your interest in Western Governors University, a proud partner of the American Red Cross. As the nation’s first online, competency-based, nonprofit university, WGU offers accredited degree programs designed to enhance job skills and improve career opportunities.

“I’m delighted to welcome members of the WGU community to serve as Red Cross volunteers. The agreement between WGU and the Red Cross is a great way to leverage our mutual goals and the great work of our organizations to better serve our communities.”

—Linda MacIntyre, Chief Nurse
American Red Cross

WGU is pleased to partner with the American Red Cross. In recognition of this partnership, we offer special benefits for Red Cross employees and volunteers. Be sure to tell your enrollment counselor about your Red Cross affiliation to ensure you receive the following benefits:

For employees and volunteers:

  • 5% tuition discount for up to four terms.
  • Free enrollment application. Use the code REDCROSS when you apply. Apply now.
  • Eligibility to apply for the WGU Red Cross Partner Scholarship valued at up to $2,500. The scholarship application must be completed within 60 days of your start date.

Discover the Online Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs Offered by WGU

WGU Helps You Earn Your Degree with Little or No New Student Debt

WGU is a nonprofit online university. What does this mean for you? Very affordable tuition. In fact, WGU is half the cost of other online universities.

While our low, flat-rate tuition is designed to make a college degree affordable, there are times responsible borrowing is still a good choice. WGU is approved to offer federal financial aid to those who qualify.

WGU also maintains a robust scholarship program through the generosity of corporations, foundations, and special government appropriations. Visit the scholarship page to see a current list of open scholarships.

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WGU Provides a Better Learning Experience

WGU’s rigorous, competency-based approach is ideally suited to self-directed learners ready to earn a degree and advance their career. Unlike traditional and other online universities, WGU doesn’t award degrees based on seat time.

Instead, you earn your degree by demonstrating your competence in your field. Through independent study and the use of learning resources, you master the essential skills and knowledge necessary for success.

WGU is Flexible and Supportive

If your schedule demands flexibility, WGU is for you. In most cases, you will access course material and study independently at the time and place you choose. You can progress at a pace that enables you to earn a college degree while managing your career, your family, and life’s other challenges. Our self-paced approach allows for extensive personalization of your program so it fits into your busy schedule.

For More Information

If you’d like more information about WGU and our degree programs, please select one of the options below, and be sure to mention your Red Cross affiliation when you apply.

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