Responsible Borrowing at WGU


WGU receives WOW Award for innovative, effective practices in higher education.

Western Governors University is proud to be acknowledged for reducing debt by $400 million since 2013. Our Responsible Borrowing Initiatives have been recognized with the WOW Award from the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WCET) as an exemplary program to be held as a model for the higher education community.

WOW Since the launch of WGU’s Responsible Borrowing Initiatives:

  • 2/3 of students accepted WGU’s recommendations
  • Average borrowing per WGU student has decreased by 41%
  • Average student loan amount at WGU is less than half the national average at graduation

WGU, as a nonprofit university, is committed to providing an affordable education and to helping our students borrow responsibly to pay for that education. To learn more about how we found a simple way to tackle the debt problem, please watch this short video:

WCET, a division of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, is a national, member-driven nonprofit which brings together colleges and universities, higher education organizations, and companies to collectively improve the quality and reach of e-learning programs.

AAUAIn June 2016, WGU’s Responsible Borrowing Initiatives also received an Exemplary Models Award from the American Association of University Administrators, whose mission is to develop and advance superior standards for the profession of higher education administration.

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