An outstanding teacher needs a passionate heart, a determined spirit, and unflappable dedication. Teachers give so much of their hearts, talents, and time to their students. Thank you for all you do! Whether you are a current or aspiring teacher, now is the perfect time to do something for yourself (and your students), by advancing your teaching career with an NCATE-accredited degree from WGU:

  • Scholarship eligibility. Our tuition is already about half the price of most other online universities. You can save even more if you are awarded a WGU Loves Teachers Scholarship!

  • The respected degree that’s right for you. More than 30 NCATE-accredited programs for current or aspiring teachers, recognized in all 50 states.

  • A smarter path. Competency-based, so you’re in the driver’s seat—but with personalized faculty support from your own Program Mentor.

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WGU Teacher Education Program Ranked #1 by NCTQ

Learn to be the best from the best.


Spend Less with flat-rate tuition.

You pay tuition per six-month term, not per course or credit. So when you move faster through your courses, you also lower your total bill!


Teachers College Programs $2,890
Information Technology Programs $2,890
Business – Bachelor’s Programs $2,890
Business – Master’s Programs $3,250
Nursing Programs (MSN and BSN) $3,250


Resource Fee per term* $145
Application Fee** $65

*This fee helps cover your use of the online library, e-textbooks, and many other learning resources. With few expectations, required textbooks are available as e-textbooks, so you won't have to purchase hard copy textbooks.

**WGU does not "profit" from application fees, as they help offset on a small portion of enrollment and admissions costs.


Graduate faster: Learn, prove it, move on

Competency-based education focuses on learning rather than seat time. You’re in the driver’s seat. Each course is a collection of defined competencies—knowledge and skills that employers are looking for from successful graduates. You study on your schedule. As soon as you can prove you’ve mastered the competencies, you take an assessment, pass it, and move on. You spend your time learning new concepts, not rehashing subjects you already know. You can set the pace to graduate early. And in the end, your degree is proof you’ve shown that you’re what employers are looking for!

Graduate with more support: Your success is our job

From before you enroll to after you graduate, our #1 job is a better life for you and your family. Think of it as the best of both worlds: a program that offers complete independence and more support than you ever knew you needed—at exactly the moment you need it! From the enrollment counselor who helps you decide if WGU is the right fit for you to the faculty mentors obsessed with your academic progress to the student and tech support teams eager to help you solve any issues you might encounter as a student, you’re never alone—even though you’re online. And even after you’ve graduated, career and alumni support is just a call away.

Graduate with more value: Smaller investment, bigger returns

At WGU, affordability means cutting-edge programs at tuition rates that are half what you’d pay at other online universities. It means graduating with little to no student debt. It means scholarship and financial aid opportunities and minimal, transparent fees. It means a flat-rate per-term tuition so that when you save time you also save money. And it means understanding that value includes quality, flexibility, relevance, and results, not just cost.

Graduate with respect: Your degree is more than a piece of paper

A crucial measure of a degree’s value is the reputation of the university where you earned it. When employers, industry leaders, and academic experts hold your alma mater in high esteem, it speaks to the quality and relevance of the education you’ve gained and the competencies you’ve demonstrated. WGU graduates work nationwide in positions of responsibility for leading companies, and employers of our alumni love their WGU grads: In a recent survey, 100% called WGU grads well-prepared for their jobs. Even the White House highlighted WGU as an example of “what works” in reinventing higher education.

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