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WESTERN GOVERNORS UNIVERSITY WGU does things differently so you can go back to school for less.


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Named a "Best Value School" by University Research & Review year after year.

Best Value School

Degrees designed for students as unique as you are.

You have what it takes to earn the bachelor's or master's degree you need for your job. Any time is back-to-school time at WGU—you don't have to wait until next year to get started, because our degree programs start on the first of every, single month, all year long! WGU does things differently so more students can earn their degrees.

Discover the WGU difference when it comes to higher education:

  • Scholarships. For a limited time, WGU is offering a special Back to School scholarship, valued at up to $2,500!
  • Affordable tuition. Flat-rate tuition less than $7,000 per year for most programs. Finishing faster saves money!
  • Education on your schedule. You never have to sign in to classes, there aren't due-dates or deadlines. You are in complete control of your education at WGU.
  • A smarter way to complete your degree. Your previous experience, ability to learn quickly, and extra time spent studying could mean you graduate ahead of schedule.
  • Personalized help when you need it. When you earn a degree at WGU, you aren't alone. You have a Program Mentor who is with you from the day you start until the day you graduate. They are focused on helping you succeed.
  • Major respect. WGU holds the highest level of accreditation and is recognized nationally by leading associations for providing high-quality education.

Industry and academic respect add value to your degree.

WGU is an innovator receiving praise from every sector. When your alma mater is respected, so is your degree.

USDLA 2020 Award Seal
Best Value School
IT Academy member
Military Advanced Education & Transition Top College/University
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Earn your degree for about half* of what you'd pay at other online universities.

WGU is half the cost of other online non-profit universities and colleges WGU students pay half the tuition, and end up with half the debt of the national average.
*WGU average annual bachelor’s tuition rates are 57% the national average, compared to national rates reported by the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. WGU average rate does not include rates for WGU Bachelor of Science, Nursing Prelicensure program.
  • Low, flat-rate tuition.
  • Graduate faster and with less debt.
  • Financial aid and scholarships available.
  • Online education with supportive faculty.
  • VA and military benefits accepted.
  • Great return on investment.
  • All course materials for a low flat fee.

Spend less with flat-rate tuition.

You pay tuition per six-month term, not per course or credit. So when you move faster through your courses, you also lower your total bill!



Tuition rates effective August 1, 2021. Tuition covers unlimited courses per term. 
All programs: $145 per-term Resource Fee covers e-textbooks and learning resources, saving you thousands. Non-refundable $65 one-time application fee. Program fees and other fees: Some programs have small per-term or one-time fees specific to that program's costs. Your Enrollment Counselor can provide more information.

Your degree is closer than you think.

New students can begin their first term at the beginning of any month. So you can start when you’re ready, rather than rushing (or waiting) for fall or spring enrollment.

Back to School Scholarship

Step 1: Apply for admission to WGU (we'll waive the $65 fee!) Step 2: Apply for this limited-time $2,500 scholarship opportunity!

Explore other programs.

We offer degree programs in four in-demand fields. Explore what else is available.