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WGU Academic Engagement Webinars Dismantling Constructs and Ethical Data Utilization

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Following the presentation, workshop attendants were able to differentiate between phenotype, race, ethnicity, culture, sex, and gender and understand the harmful influences created by the subscription and adoption of these constructs. Furthermore, attendants understood how these constructs contribute to various forms of tribalism and further exacerbate discrimination while equally negatively impacting both oppressors and the oppressed. Ultimately, workshop attendants learned how to equitably collect and assess data in a manner that neither promotes nor reinforces these harmful social constructs.

Dr. Alton James, Senior Manager of Academic Outreach, Western Governors University


Alton James, Ph.D., completed a Bachelor's Degree in English with minors in African American Studies and Music (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor). Following a Master's Degree in Educational Administration from the same institution, Dr. James then completed an Ed.S. and Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Leadership from Wayne State University. Additionally, James taught English, African American History, Choir, and ACT Preparation in Detroit charter schools for four years until a transition to higher education administration. James's service in higher education includes directing a Nursing retention program, managing a Graduate Student Affairs Office, and monitoring legislative and regulatory changes as a Regional Manager of Regulatory Affairs. Currently, James serves as the Senior Manager of Academic Outreach and Engagement at Western Governors University. Additionally, James serves as a policy analyst, researcher, data analyst, Title IX/VAWA/OCR Investigator, an Associate Editor for the Journal of Competency-Based Education, and a Baldrige Performance Excellence Program Reviewer [Southwest Alliance for Excellence (SWAE)]. Dr. James's research interests include (but are not limited to) interventions that improve educational outcomes for all people by dismantling social construct identifiers.

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