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Webinar Hosted by WGU Thriving Through Transfer.

National Transfer Student Week

Oct 19-23, 2020

Learn about how WGU can help you earn the degree you want.

You are invited to learn more about the affordable, nonprofit, accredited bachelor’s and master’s degrees available from WGU. We offer degree programs in four colleges:

In these five brief webinars, you will learn about WGU's competency-based approach to education. And, we will explain how you could earn a degree in less time and for less money, with tuition starting at just $3,225 per six-month term.

WGU students who transfer an associate's degree complete their bachelor's degree in an average of 18 months. Many complete even faster.

Community college faculty and staff. Please join us and share this invitation with potential transfer students. We value your guidance of students toward programs that match their academic and career goals.

Students. This is a time to look ahead and map the next steps on your educational journey. 

View webinar recordings:

Session 1, Alumni: Meet a panel of WGU transfer students and hear their successful experiences. 

Session 2, Business College: Deep dive into WGU’s Business College degrees with a focus on Human Resources. 

Session 3, Teachers College: Deep dive into WGU’s Teachers College degrees with a focus on Special Education. 

Session 4, College of IT: Deep dive into WGU’s Information Technology College degrees with a focus on Cybersecurity. 

Session 5, College of Health Professions: Deep dive into WGU’s College of Health Professions degrees with a focus on the Health Services Coordination degree. 


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