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WGU In the News

When Scott Pulsipher started out in the technology and customer service industry, he didn’t know it would eventually morph into a whole new field of academics.

Colleges and universities could cut the cost of some of their degrees by as much as 50 percent by using competency-based education (CBE), a new study has found.

To counter high dropout rates, large online universities have pioneered specialized “re-entry” teams to target recent drops and re-start them in their academic programs.

Scott Pulsipher left a career in Silicon Valley to become the new president of Western Governors University. During a recent visit to The Chronicle, he described how the competency-based...

The agreement announced in October allows the graduates, as well as community college employees, to seamlessly transfer their coursework to WGU while also receiving a tuition discount at...

Dr. Bob Mendenhall, former president of Western Governors University (WGU) and CED Member, joins Monica Herk to discuss the future of higher education and how WGU is making it a reality.

Last week he met with reporters and editors at Inside Higher Ed to discuss WGU's relationships with employers, the roles of faculty members at the university and the growing field of...

Western Governors University (WGU), an online, nonprofit university, is receiving praise for its Responsible Borrowing Initiative (RBI), a program to reduce student loan debt.

Why meeting students where they are is the future of education and the workforce

Danie is a first-generation student at Western Governors University and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation employee...

Out of 8,047 students graduating from Western Governors University, a mother of nine kids was chosen to give the final speech at the summer graduation ceremony Saturday.

WGU honors 8,047 graduates during its commencement at the Jon M. Huntsman Center in Salt Lake City.

Western Governors University believes students shouldn't take out loans just because they can

Pioneered by WGU, competency-based education is ideal for adults who have some work experience and prior learning in their area of study.

For decades, the progression of the American dream was fairly straightforward: Graduate high school, go to college and get a job.

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