WGU In the News

WGU In the News

College has a lot in common with your cable TV package, and some students are finding themselves paying for “channels” they have no use for...

WGU's Director of IT Service Delivery, Jyl London, talks about her career in IT...

WGU's more-for-less approach turns the status-quo model for higher education upside down.

"Study to be a teacher" at Western Governors University is among the top 10 ways to spend $10,000 wisely.

"Competency-based" education gives students credit for what they have already learned.

The Utah-based program is seen as model for education over the Internet.

The competency-based education model is catching on.

Best practices that institutions of higher education can use to attract, retain, and support students within STEM fields.

WGU makes the list of "best colleges you've never heard of." Attending one of them will offer a great education and set the stage for a successful career.

Western Governors University is helping students understand exactly how much debt they were signing up for. Rather than simply sending students a letter with their total debt balance, WGU...

Tina Wixon earned a bachelor's degree at Western Governors University, and since she enjoys her new career in nursing she is thinking about earning a graduate degree in her field.

Just three weeks into the first quarter of Bellevue College’s pilot competency-based online certificate program for business software specialists, instructors were receiving messages from...

Never mind that at Western Governors University, classes are online only and the more than 1,200 faculty members telecommute from around the country. That setup can provide a more...

There are thousands of dollars in scholarship money that students and parents may not know about, including some at Western Governors University.

Traditional brick-and-mortar education was not a fit for 27-year-old Tyler Harris. He tried attending classes at a few colleges in his native Utah, but didn't find the courses challenging...

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