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Western Governors University Affordable online degrees in Connecticut.


Are you ready to take control of your future and earn a degree? WGU is here to help.


Earn an online degree in Connecticut.

There are more than 200,000 college students in Connecticut. This indicates that there are thousands of students hoping to pursue higher education. And for many of them, traditional schooling won't work. That's where WGU comes in.  WGU offers over 60 online degree programs in business, education, health, and information technology. These online degree programs lead students to diverse jobs within top organizations, from government agencies to private businesses, schools, hospitals, and more. As of March 2021, there are 805 WGU students in Connecticut and 1,391 alumni. This growing network of WGU students can be key in helping you find like-minded individuals and students on your education journey. Make connections that will help you land job interviews or get help with your online degree program. Discover why hundreds of Connecticut residents are choosing WGU for their higher education.

Competency-based education. Our competency-based education program means you can utilize your past knowledge and experience to accelerate through material you know. Once you can prove your mastery of material, you get to move forward, allowing you to graduate faster.

Affordable tuition. WGU offers low, flat-rate tuition charged per six-month-term, not per credit. We also offer financial aid and scholarships to help make your tuition even more affordable.

Flexible, online programs. WGU offers fully online programs that are perfect for busy adults. School fits into your schedule so you can continue to work and fulfill your family obligations while earning a degree.

Transfer credits taken. Our generous transfer policy allows you to get credit for your past school experience. Many WGU students bring transfer credits that help them graduate faster.

Next Start Date

Start the 1st of any month—as soon as you complete enrollment!

Start dates every month.

WGU offers start dates on the first of every month, so you don't have to wait to begin. You just have to apply and work with an Enrollment Counselor to get all your transfer credits figured out, and you'll be on your way. Your degree is closer than you think! 

Serving students in Connecticut.

WGU is committed to more deeply and directly engaging with employers, policymakers, students, and alumni in Connecticut to help our students achieve their dreams for a degree and career success by providing a personal, flexible, and affordable education based on current real-world competencies. We’ve proudly reached out to leading employers in high-growth fields such as health professions, information technology, teaching and business, to ensure our low-cost, high-quality degree programs are closely aligned to the workforce needs of today’s residents. WGU alumni and students are building promising careers at top local companies, including Aetna, Bank of America, Hartford Healthcare, Liberty Bank, Otis Elevator, Pratt & Whitney, Stanley Black & Decker, The Hartford, Travelers, UConn Health, Voya Financial, Yale-New Haven Health, and many more.

Skills for the 21st Century: employer needs.

WGU graduates boast degrees that prepare them to succeed in their careers. The data below, from a 2021 survey of 300 employers of WGU graduates by Harris Poll, prove it:

98% of employers said WGU graduates meet or exceed expectations

Beyond expectations.
98% of employers said WGU graduates met or exceeded expectations.

95% said they would hire another WGU graduate

Top candidates.
95% said they would hire another WGU graduate.

97% said that their WGU graduates were well-prepared for their jobs

Prepared for the job.
97% said that their WGU graduates were prepared for their jobs.

A student sitting at a laptop speaks on a cellphone with a clipboard in-hand.

Online degrees in Hartford, Connecticut.

Financial services and healthcare are two of the top industries in Harford. A degree from WGU could help you be qualified for a top job in both of these fields, along with many more. Be prepared for the future and get involved in a booming industry with the help of a degree from WGU. If you live in Hartford and are ready to take the next step in your career, the best place to start is at WGU.

"At WGU, instead of getting credits based on how long you've sat at a desk in a classroom, if you know an area, you can go through that course more quickly. For me, these included courses such as nutrition, nursing informatics, and care for the older adult. This competency-based approach to education saved me both time and money."

—Patricia Voss

"At this stage in my life, WGU was just what I needed. It was perfect for me to get things done. If I had to literally get in a car and drive to class everyday, on top of everything else I have going on, getting my degree would have taken me much longer."

—William Porro

Tuition for Connecticut students.

No matter where you live, WGU tuition is the same. We base our tuition on your program and it is charged per six-month term, not per credit. This helps you know exactly what to expect, and helps us keep costs low. Discover what your tuition will be based on your program choice.

By providing useful information and advice on responsible borrowing before enrollment, keeping tuition low while you’re enrolled, and providing programs that lead to better jobs after graduation, WGU packs a one-two-three punch designed to keep your debt low and your return on investment quick.

On average, WGU graduate see an increase in income post-graduation of $18,200 after two years and $25,900 after four years.

Financial options for Connecticut students.

Tuition at WGU is lower than most other universities, traditional or online. We offer low, flat-rate tuition charged per six-months, not per credit. Our competency-based education also allows you to move through courses more quickly, cutting down your overall cost. And on top of our low-rate tuition, we offer financial aid options to help provide affordable ways to earn your degree.

Scholarships in Connecticut.

3 Steps to Apply for WGU Scholarships

Now that you've looked at scholarship requirements and found one to apply for, here are the steps to apply.

1. Complete the admissions application.

To be considered for any WGU scholarships, you must be provisionally accepted as a WGU student.  Complete the admissions application and work with your Enrollment Counselor to move through the admissions process.


NOTE: Returning WGU graduates should complete the Returning Graduate Application.

Apply to WGU

2. Complete the scholarship application.

To access the application in the Scholarship Portal, you will need your MyWGU student portal credentials, which will be sent to you shortly after Step 1.


NOTE: You are eligible to apply for scholarships 90 days before and up to 30 days after starting a degree program.

Scholarship Application

3. Wait for decision.

Check status of your application in the Scholarship Portal.

Federal financial aid.

When you complete the FAFSA, be sure to list WGU’s school code.
Code: 033394

Financial aid is also available.

You may choose to pay for the remaining portion of your degree through federal financial aid (subject to your eligibility). Pell Grants, which do not have to be repaid, are granted based on financial need. Federal Direct Student Loans are available to all students. Subsidized loans, which are dependent on financial need, reduce the interest due on loans. 

Partnerships in Connecticut.

WGU has partnerships with Connecticut cities, schools, and businesses that can offer tuition assistance or reimbursement. Discover if your Connecticut business, school, or city has a connection with WGU that can help you make our already-low tuition even more affordable. 

Transfers for Connecticut students.

WGU has a generous transfer policy that allows you to use your previous schooling for credit towards your degree. We even partner with several Connecticut community colleges to help you utilize your associate's degree or other college credits. You can work with your Enrollment Counselor to get your transcripts and discover exactly how your credits will transfer. 

Specific programs for Connecticut students.

There are a few state-specific elements of WGU programs for Connecticut students:

  • Students in the Teachers College earning a degree with teaching certification will have help getting licensed in Connecticut. Connecticut has specific requirements for licensed teachers, and WGU will work to make sure you meet all the qualifications. Learn more about Connecticut licensure now.
  • Connecticut students are unfortunately unable to get a nursing prelicensure degree from WGU. Registered nurses can pursue degrees, but those who don't currently have a registered nursing license will be unable to obtain one from WGU. If you live in Connecticut and are hoping to pursue a medical career, you might want to consider WGU's Health Services Coordination program instead.

WGU students in Connecticut and beyond.

WGU alumni in Connecticut and beyond.

Start As Soon As Next Month.

Next Start Date

Start the 1st of any month—as soon as you complete enrollment!

Apply FREE this week

No need to wait for spring or fall semester. It's back-to-school time at WGU year-round. Get started by talking to an Enrollment Counselor today, and you'll be on your way to realizing your dream of a bachelor's or master's degree.

Learn about online college admissions at WGU.

WGU Frequently Asked Questions.

WGU offers flexible pacing, meaning you can move through courses at a pace that meets your learning style and knowledge level.  Students can go as fast as they can but not as slowly.  Students are required to complete a minimum number of competency units per term to meet on-time progress. However, if you choose to study at 3 am daily, that we can accommodate. 

WGU has a generous transfer policy. Our transcripts department can accept official copies of transcripts from your previous educational institutions for a course-by-course evaluation that compares the context of your courses to those in our programs, to tell you what is comparable and transferable.

Your personal progress will be determined by the extent of your transfer units, your time commitment, and your determination to proceed at a faster rate. Traditionally, without an associate’s degree or equivalent, it will take 2 to 2.5 years.  Master's degree programs are designed to be completed within 2 years.  However, we work on a competency-based model, which gives you credit for passing assessments and proving you can perform a task or understand a course of study proficiently. 

Yes! If you are able to complete the minimum requirement before your term is over, you can add more courses, with no tuition increase.

WGU is approved to offer federal student aid. You will need to apply using the FAFSA, which is used to determine your eligibility for aid. WGU’s FAFSA school code is 033394.

Yes! WGU is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), the highest form of accreditation.

WGU offers competency-based education. Competency-based learning means our online degrees are based on real-world competencies as opposed to seat time or credit hours.  Our focus in on ensuring you possess the skills and knowledge you need to be successful, not whether you’ve attended class or not.  If you already have knowledge in an area a course covers, you’ll be able to draw upon this experience to complete assessments faster, ultimately saving you both time and money.

WGU students and alumni have access to career services which include professional development, career exploration, and career planning. WGU also has partner employers who share full-time, part-time, and paid internship opportunities.

Explore other programs.

We offer degree programs in four in-demand fields. Explore what else is available.