Why Do You Have These Math Requirements?

At WGU, we are focused on helping students learn, prosper, and, most importantly, graduate.

From our ongoing research into student success at WGU, it has been determined that students entering this program need to have demonstrated strong college-level mathematics abilities in order to handle the rigors of the challenging mathematics curriculum. The mathematics in this program goes far beyond Calculus and is roughly the equivalent to a mathematics major.

This requirement is in place because we have found that first-time college students are overly optimistic that they will be able to handle the coursework online, and when the challenges of that coursework and assessments become too great to handle, they often drop. When a student is unable to continue in the program and drops, the student is left with school loans and frustrated dreams.

We believe the correct admission decision before enrollment is the best approach to help you succeed and reach your professionals goal.

Can you complete the minimum requirements elsewhere and then apply to WGU? Yes, by all means. Speak to a WGU Enrollment Counselor for additional advice or for further clarification.