B.S. Nursing Prelicensure Tuition and Fees

Basic tuition: $4,250 per 6-month term (includes clinical rotation fees)
Estimated time to completion*: 2 years (from admission into the Clinical Nursing Program)
* Contingent on completing the Pre-Nursing Curriculum

Other Student Responsibilities:

ATI TEAS Exam: $115 (at PSI Testing Centers; cost differs at other sites)
Prelicensure Nursing Clinical Education Fee: $500 (per term, effective April 1, 2017)
Uniforms: $146.30 (plus shipping, handling and applicable taxes)
iTouch unit or handheld device that is compatible with Nursing Central Software (cost varies)
Lab kit fees: $263.09
Drug Screen, Criminal Background Check, and Immunization Tracking System: $94 (Price includes one alias search. There will be a separate charge for each additional alias.)