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WGU Resources Career Pathing for IT Professionals

Create the perfect IT career path for your future.

Information technology is a rapidly developing field that encompasses many elements and many industries. There are many career paths you can take when it comes to IT. Because of the wide variety of options you have, it's important to understand what all the paths are and how you can get there. Discover all of the IT paths your career can take and the different skills you'll need to have in order to be successful in each of them. 

What technology career is right for your personality?

There are many IT career paths you can take, but finding the right one is key to your career success. Discover which technology career is the perfect fit for you.

Successful IT careers begin with these skills.

Do you have the knowledge and skills you need to start a future in IT? Learn which skills you need and how you can get them.

Getting the most out of an entry-level IT position.

The very beginning of your IT career is an exciting time. Learn how you can start your growth and development from an entry-level IT position.

Navigating the information technology career path.

There are many ups and downs, twists and turns as part of an IT career. Learn the best way to navigate this exciting industry and find your dream job.

Which IT career path is right for you?

Getting started in IT.

IT cybersecurity pros at work

IT degree vs. coding boot camp.

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IT degree or certifications?

5 easiest coding languages.

Meet the Night Owls.

Rashaan Green was told "you can't" and dropped out of high school. But with hard work, he earned a bachelor's and master's through WGU and now works in the aerospace and defense industry. Discover how he changed his life.

Sarah Merritt—a WGU graduate and Air Force Master Sergeant and IT trailblazer—wants to see more women in STEM fields. Learn what she's doing to make it happen.

Kara Greer—Director, Customer Projects PMO at Schneider Electric—helps women in IT feel confident that they can succeed. Learn how she does it.

Explore other programs.

We offer degree programs in four in-demand fields. Explore what else is available.