You control your time to graduation.

See how you can accelerate your program, using a 120-credit bachelor's degree as an example:

Generous transfer policy

If you're enrolling in a bachelor's degree program, your transcripts from previous college attendance will be reviewed for credits that can transfer into your WGU program, getting you closer to your degree before you even enroll.

Estimated transfer credits:
Bring your knowledge

If work, previous college, military, or life experience has given you knowledge and skills that apply to the competencies of your degree program, you will likely be able to tap into that background and move faster through your program. You take and pass assessments as soon as you're ready, so if you already know the material well, no need to spend extra time studying.

Degree area experience:
Learn at your speed

The effort and brainpower you put into your program directly affects your speed. Unlike traditional programs, where a semester is a semester and your courses aren't finished until the university says so, at WGU, if you work hard and learn fast, you can pass courses more quickly and move on.

Faster learner/hard worker?:
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Total competency units:
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Competency units

Target time to graduate:


A number of factors determine how long it takes to graduate, but most of those factors are up to you. This tool is meant to show you hypothetical scenarios that would allow you to speed up. Target times to graduation are estimates, and your results will vary.