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Kevin Hall, Student Mentor

competency (noun) –

Demonstrated knowledge, skill, or ability required to advance in a degree program.

At WGU, course competencies are defined by an expert council, including employers.

For this course, there are 3 areas you need to prove competency in.

Example Course

First, let's take a pre-assessment

Determine what you already know from your previous work and education experience, and where you need to focus your studies.


  • Skills
  • Knowledge

Pre-assessment results are in!

Competency 1: Great start!
Competency 2: Great start!
Competency 3: Great start!

Second, study course materials.

Learning resources created by education experts will help you master the competencies.

Click the sample resources to see how it works:


Success! You’ve passed the assessment and proved you know your stuff. You can now move to your next course. Good luck! Your degree is on the horizon.


Close, but not quite! A little more studying or some time with the course mentor should do the trick. You can retake the assessment when you feel ready.

On average, WGU students need only to take their assessment a second time if they don’t pass on the first try.